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CD of the Week Club

"You Gotta Kick Off With A Killer"
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Hi, and welcome to the CD of the Week Club!

On Sunday of each week, members will be challenged to come up with a track list for a mix CD, based on a given theme (i.e. "Songs to Describe Your High School Experience," or, "Songs that Open or Close an Album"). Members should then post their track lists (and liner notes, if you wish) by Saturday of the same week. If ya want, you can even burn your track list onto a CD each week!

Members are also encouraged to post potential mix tape themes.

This week's theme: Sleep Is For The Weak(end)

Mix Tape Rules and Style Guide
- Mixes only need to go behind an LJ-cut if they're not for the current week's theme. For information on how to do an LJ-cut, go here.
- All mix tapes should be 80 mins or less.
- If you want, you can choose to provide a method to download your mix in your post (i.e. YouSendIt, AIM, FTP, etc.)
- Have fun! (also optional)

01. Artist - "Song" (Album)
02. Artist - "Song" (Album)
03. Artist - "Song [In Parentheses]" (Album)

Feel free to check out our memories section for examples.

Your moderators are theribit, saturnine1979, and musikdork228